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I am a chartered physiotherapist with over 10 years experience working in the NHS with humans and have also gained a post-graduate diploma in veterinary phyiotherapy, allowing me to transfer my skills and knowledge and apply them to animals. My passion is working within the canine field, having been a dog owner all my life. I am a proud owner of a Airedale terrier, therefore I understand the specific needs and skills required to provide the highest standard of treatment to these special friends.


I am a member of the Health Professions Council, Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, and am an ACPAT category A member - the gold standard qualification within veterinary physiotherapy. I gained my BSc (Hons) in physiotherapy from the University of Liverpool in 2004, and completed my veterinary physiotherapy post-garuate diploma at Hartpury college.


Since then I have worked as part of a team of physio's in a canine rehabilitation centre and in a highly acclaimed referral centre, working alongside the top veterinary surgeons in orthopaedics and neurology. Currently I also work as part of a muti-disciplinary team in a local canine rehabilitation and hydrotherapy centre.

Being a registered and chartered physiotherapist means that I am governed and regulated by a number of bodies, maintaining high standards of practice and safety. I am required to ensure my skills and knowledge are up to date and evidenced based at all times through continuing professional development. My qualifications are widely recognised by the veterinary profession and insurance companies.

Canine Specific

My passion and focus is on canine/small animal rehabilitation. This means I focus all my attention on the developments and research in the canine field, developing specific handling skills and treatment techniques for these animals. I feel by focussing on one key area of veterinary physiotherapy I am able to provide a specilaised service, building close working relationships with small animal veterinary practices and veterinary hospitals to ensure an effective multi-disciplinary approach.

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