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Because pets need physio too !

Veterinary Physiotherapy can be used for a variety of conditions, injuries and surgeries. As with people, physiotherapy for your pet can aid recovery, improve rehabilitation times and ensure they achieve their full potential. Physiotherapy aims to increase strength, movement, mobility or to reduce pain. I am both a human and veterinary physiotherapist, and can provide treatment to your pet in and around North Somerset, Bristol and the surrounding areas.


Treatment can include hands on techniques, specific exercise prescription or electrotherapy and advice of exercise regimes, handling and condition managment.


Common conditions that would benefit from physiotherapy include :

· Cranial cruciate repairs and other orthopaedic surgery

· Spinal surgery and neurological conditions

· Fractures

· Muscular injuries

. Sports injuries from agility/fly ball


The initial consultation will include a full assessment by looking at your pet's movement, joints and muscles to identify the areas that required treatment such as pain or stiffness. Following this an individual treatment plan will be formed which will look to maximise your dogs potential. There will be close communication with your veterinary surgeon as part of a multi-disciplinary team in order to ensure high quality care and effective management. The number of sessions required can vary between each individual patient, all treatment is highly individualised to meet your pet's needs.  


Most pet insurance companies now provide funding for physiotherapy through their policies and claiming for treatment is easy. Please note legislation requires that your vet gives consent to treatment, this can be requested and arranged by myself, or please download the referral form.

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